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It all started in the mid-sixties when John and Georgine Schottler were living near Austin, MN, and John filled a neighbor's silo and took a pony named Lightning in exchange. Years later, John chose a tiny 1 1/2 year old black and white pony out of a field with 25 other horses in it. That pony was Corky.

All of the ponies in that hitch had been raised on the Schottler's dairy farm in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. The eighth one was Corky, the sire of the herd. Corky had never missed a performance in 29 seasons!

Because they wanted the hitch to be associated with the dairy industry, and people frequently likened the hitch to a popular Clydesdale hitch, in 1982 they decided to call the team THE MILK BUDS!

As the family of singers have married and left the exhibit, new third generation singers filled the gap!  Even as the family has grown and gone about their lives, the Milk Buds remain. Not the same ones, but new generations that keep the wagon rolling!

What hasn't changed is John's enthusiasm and the appeal of the ponies to young and old.

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